A document sent on behalf of Sadiq Khan’s London Mayoral campaign seems to suggest that Labour activists should be selective with the truth when speaking about Khan’s policy on airport expansion.

The “activists’ briefing” advises Labour Party members that: “On the environment, Sadiq will oppose a third runway at Heathrow.” However, it continues to say: “On business, Sadiq will support the new aviation capacity that business needs through a new runway at Gatwick and the expansion of City Airport – crucial for growth and jobs in London.”

It seems as though Sadiq’s campaign are advising his supporters to draw attention to different aspects of his airport expansion policy depending on what individual members of the public are concerned about.

So if you ask a Labour activist, “what will Sadiq do to help the environment”, you are likely to hear about Heathrow. If you ask “what will Sadiq do to help business”, you are more likely to hear about Gatwick and City.

Sian Berry London
Sian Berry, Green candidate for London Mayor

The Green Party’s candidate Sian Berry is against airport expansion full stop. She told Bright Green: “The only sustainable option is to oppose all airport expansion around London, not try to impose more pollution and traffic on people living around Gatwick just because they don’t have a voice in the London election.” Unlike Heathrow and City, Gatwick airport is outside of London’s boundaries.

Berry also disputed Khan’s premise that Gatwick expansion is good for business. “Business flights are going down so it doesn’t even serve their interests to cause all this pollution and carbon emissions,” she said.

On City Airport, she wants to go further than stopping expansion, she wants to end the site’s use as an airport and redevelop it into a new housing and business quarter. Link: