The Green Party of England and Wales has released its local election broadcast for 2016, and it’s even better than the last one! The Daily Mirror called it “the funniest party election broadcast of all time”; the Sun said it was “hilarious” and the Telegraph praised it as “brilliant”. Even Tim Montgomerie, the founder of the ConservativeHome website, grudgingly called it “watchable”.

Here’s our seven best bits:

1.) Theresa May’s compassionate and grown-up approach to immigration. “Right, it says here you’re a nurse. I don’t think you’ve got enough money so get out!”

Theresa May

2.) David Cameron’s grown-up approach to politics and Prime Ministers’ Questions. “My mummy would say ‘do up your tie, buy a proper suit and sing the national anthem”.

David Cameron

3.) Liz Kendall pretending she hasn’t been playing with her Trident rockets again.

Liz Kendall

…before getting the rockets out again when Jeremy Corbyn leaves the room.

Liz Kendall 2

4.) David Cameron’s grown-up approach to local people objecting to fracking. “Push off you lot. I can do what I want because I’m the Prime Minister! Frack! Frack! Frack! Frack!”

David Cameron 2

5.) Zac and Sadiq’s nuanced debate on how London’s next Mayor should fix the housing crisis.

Zac Goldsmith

6.) Boris and George squabbling about who the next Prime Minister will be.

George OsborneBoris Johnson

7.) And finally, the Green Party’s spokesperson promising to protect the NHS; put the planet before profit; ban fracking completely and ensure a fair, more affordable energy system.