Left to right: Patrick Harvie, John Finnie, Alison Johnston, Mark Ruskell, Ross Greer and Andy Wightman

Scottish Greens had a good night in the Scottish Parliamentary elections with John Finnie, Patrick Harvie, Alison Johnstone, Andy Wightman, Ross Greer and Mark Ruskell winning convincingly.

Despite strong results in their regions Maggie Chapman, Sarah Beattie-Smith and Kirsten Robb were unable to take the North East, South Scotland and Central regions. Results were also strong in the three local constituencies contested by Greens, where Patrick Harvie came 2nd in Glasgow Kelvin.

The Conservatives finished second in the election at the expense of Scottish Labour, who had an appalling night. UKIP returned no MSPs, and RISE also failed to make an impression.

The slight fall in the SNP’s tally denies them an overall majority, meaning they will need to work with other parties to progress their policies through the Scottish Parliament.

Ross Greer spoke to the BBC about how Greens would relate to a minority SNP administration: “We’re open to confidence and supply arrangements but would most likely take any relationship with the SNP on an issue-by-issue basis.”

With only one woman in a group of six MSPs elected the Scottish Green’s policy of “gender balancing” appears to have failed to deliver women’s representation for the party which will give food for thought as alternatives are discussed this Autumn.

We continue to follow results as they come in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.