In the latest of Bright Green’s coverage of the Green Party of England and Wales’ leadership election, we’ve interviewed the Deputy Leadership candidates.Amelia

Voting is now open (check your inbox for an email from Electoral Reform Services if you haven’t voted yet!) and closes on the 25th August.

Daniella Radice did not respond by the extended deadline, but if/when she responds we will publish her answers.

(Full Q&As with the leadership candidates are here)

Here’s Deputy Leadership candidate and current Deputy Leader Amelia Womack‘s answers:

1. Why are you running?

I’m proud of my work representing our party as Deputy Leader for the last two years, and proud of what we have achieved in that time. I now want to build on those achievements: whether it’s the Green Surge, getting the highest vote share in our history in the General Election, visiting over a hundred local parties or communicating our unique Green message through the EU referendum and in the media.

2. Could you give some info on your background? (E.g. education, class, employment etc.)

I’m from Newport, South Wales, attending a local state school, and I have a BSc in Environmental Biology and an MSc in Environmental Technology. I grew up in a typical lower middle class home, and have worked in a range of project and event management roles, from carbon foot-printing to involving young people in sports. I’ve also worked on business environmental and sustainability analysis.

3. What are your top priorities as Deputy Leader if elected?

  • Working at and for the grassroots of the party, promoting our local parties through events, press and media.
  • Building our post-Brexit campaign and ensure we protect our environmental, workers’ and human rights.
  • Supporting our liberation groups to ensure that they are at the heart of the party and not seen as add-ons, as well as addressing intersectional issues.
  • Ensuring we have leadership presence at demonstrations and national political events.
  • Supporting better funding and staffing for groups such as the Young Greens as well as the regions and Wales Green Party.
  • Standing up against harmful right-wing rhetoric and ensuring that we are constantly challenging the perception that migrants are to blame for the failure of government policy.

4. How do you see the Greens relating to the Labour Party and the wider left?

Currently, the Greens have a unique opportunity to prove what a united and consistent party we are. With the current political turmoil we need to show that unity, whether it’s on fighting for social housing or tackling climate change. I think it’s also important that we highlight that as a member driven party, our ethos doesn’t change based on who is at the leadership.

5. How should the party respond to Brexit? What, if anything, should we be calling for now?

Beyond ensuring that article 50 isn’t triggered immediately, I think the referendum has proved the need for media reform and being able to hold our politicians to account, so that we don’t have the same scale of misinformation we saw in the EU vote. Having set up Greens for a Better Europe and co-founded Another Europe is Possible, I now want to continue working to protect workers, environmental and human rights and ensuring the social chapter of the EU is embedded into UK law.

6. What separates you from the other candidates?

Having already worked in the post for two years, I have extensive media experience, from live debates to one-on-one q&a’s. I have also proven my commitment to grassroots activism by visiting over 100 different locations across the UK to support elections, events and activism. And through setting up Greens for a Better Europe and co-founding the only left-wing remain campaign Another Europe is Possible, I have driven our strategy and ensured our unique green voice is effectively communicated.

7. If elected, would this be your full-time job?

Yes. For the first year I worked in the post tirelessly as a volunteer, and after the role became paid have dedicated myself full-time to the post, often putting in over 50 hours a week.

8. Any final thoughts or comments // Closing statement

My passion and dedication to the role of deputy has seen us through some of the most impressive, exciting and historic times in our party. With the skills, strategic-thinking and commitment to social and environmental justice means that in the next two years I don’t want to just see the party grow, but to take us to the next level. That is why we need someone with the experience, as well as the track record, communication skills, ability to build our vote and the commitment to activism in all forms.