Patrick Harvie

Elections to the Scottish Parliament are taking place in May 2021. Now, a new poll has found that the Scottish Green Party could be on track to win a record breaking 11 seats.

The poll, from SavantaComRes has the Scottish Greens on 11% of the regional list vote, behind Labour on 18%, the Tories on 21% and the SNP on 41%. If replicated in May, it would be the highest vote share the party has ever received. And according to a projection by polling aggregator Stats for Lefties, this would give the Greens a record 11 seats in the Scottish Parliament.

The Greens have held seats in the Scottish Parliament since it was formed in 1999. At present, they have six MSPs.

While the Greens have been polled at 10% in two recent polls, SavantaComres’ latest poll marks the first time support for the party has been at 11% since May 2019.

Speaking on the poll, Scottish Green Party co-leader Patrick Harvie said the Greens “won’t be complacent” about strong poll results. He told Bright Green:

From fairer taxes to the reversal of unfair grades, to free bus travel for young people next year, it’s clear the impact that Greens are making in the Scottish Parliament is being recognised by voters.

We won’t be complacent though, and will be working hard to get as many Green MSPs as possible next year, to continue building a fairer and greener Scotland.

This isn’t the only positive polling news for the UK’s Green Parties this week. According to a YouGov poll published yesterday, the Greens are now polling ahead of the Liberal Democrats for the next general election. Co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales told Bright Green that this shows “more and more people are joining and supporting the Green Party as their natural political home”.

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Image credit: Ric Lander – Creative Commons