Siân Berry Green Party leader

A new opinion poll published today has found that support for the Green Party is higher than for the Liberal Democrats. The poll – from YouGov – puts support for the Greens at 6%, while the Liberal Democrats sit at 5%. This means that the Greens are now the third most popular party in the UK, behind only Labour and the Tories.

Today’s poll is also the first time in 2020 that support for the Greens has surpassed that of the Liberal Democrats in a YouGov poll, and only the third time this year YouGov has found support for the party to be as high as 6%.

Speaking on the poll, Green Party of England and Wales co-leader Jonathan Bartley told Bright Green:

This polling reflects the fact that more and more people are joining and supporting the Green Party as their natural political home.

The Green Party is the only party putting forward a proper plan for a green recovery and at this pivotal moment our voice has never been so important.

This increase in the polls has come despite a lack of airtime given to the party and it’s time the Green Party’s recent success was reflected fairly by the broadcast media.

The poll comes as the Green Party is holding its Autumn Conference online. In their joint speech to conference, co-leaders Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry made a clear pitch to left wing voters disenfranchised with Keir Starmer’s ascent to the leadership of the Labour Party. Railing against privatisation and austerity, Berry told the conference:

A few years ago, the Green Party dissented in a big way. While all the other parties embraced the ideology of austerity, we stood firmly against it.

We said it would be worth it. That austerity was the plain wrong response to the economic crisis we faced. And we were proved right.

With a Green New Deal and a universal basic income, we can break free from the old thinking for good.

Over the weekend, members will be voting on a series of motions to change existing party policy. Among the motions to be debated are proposals on reparations for slavery and adopting new party guidance on anti-semitism, which includes the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition.

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Image credit: Rosie Rawle