Green Party campaigners

The UK’s Green Parties are continuing their strong showing in opinion polls in 2021. A new poll has found support for the Greens if a general election were held tomorrow to be at 5 per cent. If repeated in an actual election, this would be the best result for the Greens in their history.

The poll – conducted by Deltapoll – also puts the Greens ahead of the Liberal Democrats. According to polling aggregator Stats for Lefties, the 4 per cent support for the Liberal Democrats is the lowest poll rating for the party in four years. The Greens have now been polling ahead of the Liberal Democrats on and off since October.

Deltapoll’s findings come after similar good news for the Greens in an poll for the Sunday Times from Focaldata. That found support for the Greens was at 7 per cent. The Greens have now consistently been polling at 4 per cent or above since December 8.

Green Party of England and Wales co-leader Sian Berry welcomed the poll, saying it suggested the 2021 elections would see a “record number of Greens” elected to office. She told Bright Green: 

This is another solid poll for us, which once again places the Greens as the third largest party in the country. At a time when we are facing both the coronavirus crisis and the accelerating climate and nature crises, it is clear people are looking for a better way of doing things and are ready for real change.

This is an extremely uncertain moment for so many people who feel as if the old parties have simply not been working for them. It isn’t surprising therefore to see more and more people look to us and we expect to see a record number of Greens voted into power at this year’s crucial elections.”

Deltapoll also found that support for the Conservatives has risen since their last poll. The full voting intention findings of Deltapoll’s latest poll, with changes since their last poll in November are as follows:

  • Conservatives – 43% (+6)
  • Labour – 38% (=)
  • Green – 5% (+1)
  • Scottish National Party – 5% (+1)
  • Liberal Democrats – 4% (-5)
  • Brexit Party – 3% (=)

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Image credit: Bristol Green Party – Creative Commons