Kefentse Dennis

Last week, Bright Green reported that the first candidate in this year’s elections to the Green Party of England and Wales executive (GPEx) had stepped forward. Now, a second candidate has come emerged.

Kefentse Dennis has announced he’ll be standing for the position of management coordinator. The management coordinator is responsible for overseeing the party’s HR policies and acts as the party’s safeguarding lead.

Dennis announced his candidacy on Twitter, stating his priorities as, ‘protection’, ‘provision’, ‘promotion’, and ‘perception’.

Dennis has served as the party’s trade union liaison officer for the past two years.

Speaking to Bright Green, Dennis said,

I want to see accountability, transparency, and a good range of governance. I will implement this via the 4Ps: Protection, Provision, Promotion, Perception.

The role means safeguarding is paramount, I want to see the continuous review and update of our strategies and policies, so the safety of our most vulnerable communities [sic]. This in [conjunction] with this ‘supply and demand’ issue, where it’s very limited supply and too much demand, this has led to worsening relationships between staff members and volunteers.

I want to improve and nurture our relationships with our staff members. In addition I want to ensure all voices are heard and go to the appropriate people, whether it is staff members or volunteers. And finally, I want people to be heard and understood, as it’s vital that being listening to [sic]. I want us to communicate, but due to our ever expanding diversity […] the understanding can differ. I want us to be heard correctly, and be check[ing] for understanding with all parties.

Elections to GPEx take place every year, with half of the seats up for election.* Each elected post-holder serves for two years, and share collective responsibility for the party’s day to day management and financial health. In 2022, the positions up for election are:

  • Chair
  • Campaigns coordinator
  • Elections coordinator
  • External communications coordinator
  • Management coordinator
  • International coordinator
  • Trade union liaison officer

In addition to the roles listed above, there will be a by-election for the position of internal communications coordinator. This is being held as a result of the resignation of Zoe Hatch in February 2022.

Nominations for these positions close on June 30, with members voting throughout the summer.

*Author’s note – the exception to this is for the position of Wales Green Party leader, and Young Greens co-chair. Both of these positions have a seat on GPEx, but are elected through the rules set out in each organisation’s constitution.

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