David Farbey

Nominations for the Green Party of England and Wales Executive (GPEx) elections close on June 30. A total of four candidates have announced their intention to stand. Bright Green has already covered the candidacies of Matthew Hull, Kefentse Dennis and the job-share ticket of Melanie Earp and Ash Routh.

The fourth candidate to step forward is David Farbey, who is standing for the internal communications post. Based in Barnet, Farbey is a member of Jewish Greens and describes himself as “passionately pro-EU” and an “LGBTIQA+ ally”.

Farbey’s background is in technical communication, having previously worked for Myriad Associates and held a voluntary position as a council member for the Institute for Scientific and Technical Communicators. He is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Farbey has stood twice for the Greens in Brunswick Park ward in elections to Barnet Borough Council.

Speaking to Bright Green on his candidacy, Farbey said,

I worked in technical communication, mainly in the hi-tech sector, for over 25 years and I have experience in the Green Party as a local party and regional party officer, as well as having been a local elections candidate. I believe that makes me a suitable candidate for the internal communications coordinator role on GPEx.

My goal is to make sure members understand how the party functions and how decisions are made, which is especially important at a time when possible changes to our constitution are being discussed. I look forward to working with members of GPEx and our professional staff in order to enhance the quality and effectiveness of our internal communications, across all the channels available to a forward-looking 21st century political party.

Elections to GPEx take place every year, with half of the seats up for election.* Each elected post-holder serves for two years, and share collective responsibility for the party’s day to day management and financial health. In addition to the roles being elected in the typical cycle, there will be a by-election this year for the position of internal communications coordinator. This is being held as a result of the resignation of Zoe Hatch in February 2022. The internal communications post-holder will consequently be elected for only a one year term.In 2022, the positions up for election for a full two year term are:

  • Chair
  • Campaigns coordinator
  • Elections coordinator
  • External communications coordinator
  • Management coordinator
  • International coordinator
  • Trade union liaison officer

Green Party members will vote to elect their new executive throughout the summer. These elections are being held concurrently with the election of a new deputy leader.

*Author’s note – the exception to this is for the position of Wales Green Party leader, and Young Greens co-chair. Both of these positions have a seat on GPEx, but are elected through the rules set out in each organisation’s constitution.

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