Frank Adlington-Stringer and Josiah Luck

The Young Greens is the youth and student wing of the Green Party of England and Wales. This summer, members of the Young Greens will be voting to elect a new executive. Bright Green is offering each of the candidates a chance to set out their vision.

I wrote an article for Bright Green in 2021 when I stood for Young Greens elections officer for the first time. We are now a year on, a pandemic on, and yet somehow the principles for which I stood seem even more pertinent. The need to come together is more obvious now than ever before.

This time I am lucky enough to be standing alongside Josiah Luck, a recent graduate from the YG’s 30-under-30 scheme. A passionate and committed activist. Together we have developed a shared vision and strong sense of what we will achieve.

At the time of the last Young Greens elections I was fresh out of the first ever target to win campaign in Derbyshire in which we finished a strong 2nd place against the Conservative County Council leader. This was a rural ward which had never had a Green candidate before, never mind a successful one. I worked hard to revitalise my local party by attending Campaign School in 2019 and returning with a focus on winning. We are now a year away from doing just that. A year away from our first ever elected Greens, but my election work in Derbyshire is just the tip of the iceberg. My experiences between the last Young Greens committee elections and now have further developed my abilities to execute this role, and I am grateful for that.

I graduated during the pandemic (meaning I didn’t launch my mortar board until this spring) and started working for the Green Party – predictable, I know! As the campaign organiser for the West Midlands I have been lucky enough to work intimately with some of the most successful Green Groups and election minds in our party.

Getting Young Greens into power must be a number one priority not just for the Young Greens but the Green Party as a whole. Only days ago was I elected to the East Midlands Green Party regional committee as the first ever Young Greens officer, and I am excited about creating the first ever Young Greens group in the region.

Talking about my experiences, achievements and success is not to highlight me, but to demonstrate that none of this would have been accomplished without learning and absorbing the knowledge and wisdom of others. My mission is a simple one, if elected as your new elections officer alongside Josiah, I will do everything I can to bring us together and enable us to share, learn and succeed together.

Josiah and I are passionate about connecting Young Greens activists by building strong bonds, developing meaningful support networks and drawing the masses to action days. We will create a strong campaigns community which empowers its members.

Another change in the last year was the status of my mental health. Little did I know at the time of the last Young Greens committee election I was on the verge of collapse. Months later I submerged into a world which I didn’t know existed. My mind spent the rest of that year trapped in a fleshy prison. I have spent months desperately putting the pieces back together and am pleased to say that I am now back on my feet. Whilst I wish that never happened, I have learnt from it. I have been able to reflect on the stresses of an election cycle and how my isolation contributed to my breakdown. It is important to me therefore to ensure that we, as activists, campaigners and candidates, have a strong network. Not another muted WhatsApp chat set up just ahead of election day, but a meaningful platform through which we can connect. Let’s share campaign methods and offer assistance, problem solve, discuss techniques and get the most out of our limited resources. We will be able to offer kind words and support in hard times, and good advice all year round. Together, by building this strong network, we as individuals will be stronger and so too will our campaigns.

If you believe in this vision then join Josiah and I in delivering it. Under our leadership Young Greens will come together and create a new way of campaigning, built on communication and connectivity. Together we will grow both ourselves and our campaigns. Together we will be far stronger and far more effective.

This is just the start and Josiah and I are excited for all that will follow. We hope you share our vision and believe that we have what it takes to deliver it. Lend us your vote at the next election and together we will win.

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