A photo of members the newly elected Young Greens Executive

Members of the Young Greens – the official youth and student wing of the Green Party of England and Wales gathered in Coventry this weekend for their annual convention. At the event, the results of the election to the executive of the organisation were announced.

Kelsey Trevett and Jane Baston were re-elected as co-chairs of the Young Greens, in an election in which they were the only candidates. Between them, the pair received 96 per cent of the first preference vote, with four per cent of voters opting to re-open nominations.  Following her election, Baston told Bright Green, “I’m very proud to have been re-elected as Co-Chair of the Young Greens. I’m excited to continue putting forward our radical policies and to build our movement that focuses on raising the voices of young people.” Meanwhile, Trevett said,

The Young Greens is in a position of strength. With fantastic local election results, the return of 30 Under 30, and organisers at the heart of the student movement and trade union solidarity, we have an opportunity to continue building on the incredible work going on across our movement. It’s a real honour to have been re-elected, and I’m so excited to continue working with our activists and groups, to represent the Young Greens internally and externally, and to prepare us for the most important general election yet for people and planet.

Ashton Howick was also elected unopposed as the new Young Greens treasurer, receiving 95 per cent of first preference votes. Howick told Bright Green, “Thank you to everyone who put a vote in for me to be elected treasurer. It means so much to be able to be a part of this amazing group of people. Looking forward to working with my Young Green colleagues and getting started in the role!”

The election for the co-convenor of the Green Students Committee was one of the more competitive races in this year’s annual ballot. Jamie Payne was elected on the first round of counting, picking up 58 per cent of the first preference votes. Due the gender balancing requirements for the role, the remaining two candidates were automatically eliminated from the election. Payne told Bright Green, “I’m really happy and grateful to have been elected. I can’t wait to hit the ground running and work with the rest of the Green Students Campaign Committee to support and fight for all students and deliver on my campaign priorities.”

Miranda Heath & Luanne Thornton defeated Nick Humberstone for the position of events officer. They picked up 85 per cent of the first preference vote. Heath told Bright Green, “Luanne and I are ecstatic to be able to follow in the footsteps of the incredible Lottie and Kate as our Young Greens Events Officers. We look forward to running events that create connections and grow Green communities in which everybody can take part.”

The closest race this year was for international officer. Benjamin Wold Birmanis was elected with 56 per cent of the first preference vote. Birmanis said, “I am very pleased and honoured to have been elected as International Officer for the Young Greens. I look forward to strengthening our bonds to the global green movement, and to let all Young Greens experience the importance and value of international collaboration.”

Dylan Lewis-Creser was elected unopposed as equality and diversity officer, receiving 85 per cent of the first preference vote. Lewis-Creser told Bright Green, “I’m really excited to get to work linking together our Liberation Groups in the Young Greens this year. We are at a turning point in Green politics and our liberation groups will forge the way for a better future.”

Patrick McAllister was elected unopposed as activist training and political education officer, receiving 97 per cent of the first preference vote. McAllister said, “I am so proud to have been elected as the new Activist Training & Political Education Officer for the Young Greens; I can’t wait to get started with boosting our membership’s skills and empowering young people in elections. Thank you to everyone who gave me their support for this role.”

There were two candidates in this year’s election for disability officer – Jack Michael Ellis Blomfield and Jason Johnson. Blomfield was elected with 77 per cent of the first preference vote and told Bright Green,

I am honoured to be elected as the Young Green Disability Officer, and I cannot wait to you get to work representing us in this coming year! I would also like to extend my thanks to Jason for a great campaign and I look forward to hearing from disabled Young Greens across the party on how I can best work with you all!

Oxford City Councillor Lucy Pegg was elected as Young Greens LGBTIQA+ officer. She received 72 per cent of the first preference votes. She told Bright Green, “I’m delighted to have been elected LGBTIQA+ Officer. I can’t wait to get started, supporting our members, promoting queer liberation inside and outside the Young Greens, and getting LGBTIQA+ members into power.”

Natalia Kubica was elected unopposed as Young Greens Women’s officer. She received 98 per cent of the first preference vote. Kubica told Bright Green, “I’m so proud to have been elected Women’s Liberation Officer for the Young Greens today. Misogyny is rife in politics and women are unfortunately often less likely to stand for election – the Young Greens should be leading on diversity in target candidates and my priority will be addressing this.”

Finn White was elected as Young Greens under 18s officer with 96 per cent of the first preference vote. They told Bright Green, “I’m really excited to be elected as young greens under 18s officer and can’t wait to stand up for under 18s within the young greens and campaigning for the rights of under 18s within society.”

Frank Adlington-Stringer and Josiah Luck on a job-share ticket for elections officer, receiving 64 per cent of the vote.  Adlington-Stringer told Bright Green, “I am excited to join the Young Greens Committee and work alongside so many inspiring individuals. I want to say big thank you to all those who voted for me and Josiah, and to Cam Hayward for a great campaign. Now it’s time to get stuck in and get lots of amazing Young Greens elected! We win together.”

Orla MacMahon was elected unopposed as digital communications officer, picking up 92 per cent of the first preference vote. MacMahon told Bright Green, “I am so pleased to have been re-elected to the Young Greens’ exec committee. Digital comms is a crucial part of how we present our politics to our peers and I’m grateful to have been trusted with shaping this over the next year.”

  • Gabrielle Bailey for press officer
  • Philip Davies for campaigns officer

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