Scottish Young Greens AGM

The Scottish Young Greens held their AGM this weekend in Glasgow. Among the outcomes of the meeting was the election of a new national council for the official youth wing of the Scottish Green Party. The national council is the executive committee which manages the operations of the Scottish Young Greens.

Fourteen people were elected to the new council, with newly elected members holding a range of portfolios. The successful candidates were as follows:

  • Co-conveners: Sophie Brodie and Alyson Mackay
  • Secretary: Edan Hughes
  • Elections & campaigns officer – Niall McGeechan
  • Welfare officer – Harry Quinn
  • Social media officer – Daniel Hooper-Jones
  • Website & content officer – Neil Watson
  • Membership officer – Evan MacDonald
  • Policy officer – Ryan Kelly
  • Equality, diversity & inclusion officer – Heather Gilda
  • International officer – Cameron Garrett
  • Events officer – Eryn Browning
  • Ordinary members – Stewart Rooney & Kaelan Donnachie

Cameron Garrett, who was successfully elected as the Scottish Young Greens’ international officer, told Bright Green he was “delighted” to have been elected. Garrett said, “I’m delighted to have been elected as the International Officer for the Scottish Young Greens. In the role I am going to continue to build strong connections with our friends around the world as well as showcasing the opportunities that an independent Scotland will bring to the world.”

Daniel Hooper-Jones similarly said they were “delighted” to be elected as Scottish Young Greens social media officer. Hooper-Jones told Bright Green, “I’m delighted to be elected to the next committee of the Scottish Young Greens. The organisation has constantly proved itself to be the most active, engaging, progressive and influential youth wing of any Scottish political party. I look forward to working with such amazing people!”

Similar sentiments were expressed by Eryn Browning – the new Scottish Young Greens events officer – who told Bright Green, “It’s all really quite exciting. The people I’ll be joining on council are all incredibly determined and hard working, and I look forward to joining their ranks”

And Niall McGeechan, the new Young Greens elections and campaigns officer said, “I am extremely grateful to the membership of Scottish Young Greens for voting me to be their new Elections and Campaigns Officer. I am excited to put my experience to use and work with the new council to continue and build on the work of the excellent outgoing council.”

The new national council will take office from August 1.

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Image credit: Delphine Dallison – Creative Commons