Photos of Tyrone Scott, Lindsey German, Benali Hamdache and Etienne Stott

#BrightGreenLive streams live every month – bringing interviews and discussion with key figures from Green Parties, the labour movement, social movements and the arts. Episode 5 features:

  • Linda Walker, co-convener of the Green Party of England and Wales peace, security and defence working group.
    • We’ll be discussing the Green Party’s new defence policy, including the party’s revised position on NATO
  • J Clarke, co-director of climate campaigns at People & Planet
    • We’ll be discussing the Fossil Free Careers campaign and why students are organising to stop fossil fuel companies recruiting on university campuses
  • Michael Kyriacou, chair of UEA UCU branch
    • We’ll be discussing the financial crisis at the University of East Anglia (UEA) and its impacts on workers
  • Chris Garrard, co-director of Culture Unstained
    • We’ll be discussing why Culture Unstained campaigns to end fossil fuel sponsorship of cultural institutions
  • Etienne Stott, Olympic gold medallist and Extinction Rebellion activist
    • We’ll be discussing why Extinction Rebellion have planned a mass mobilisation in London in April
  • Tyrone Scott, chair of Greens of Colour
    • We’ll be discussing Tyrone’s plans for Greens of Colour and how the Green Party can improve its representation of people of colour
  • Benali Hamdache, Green Party of England and Wales migration spokesperson
    • We’ll be discussing the Green Party’s new migration policy, including why family reunification is important and why the Greens want to give voting rights to migrants
  • Lindsey German, convenor of Stop the War Coalition
    • We’ll be reflecting on the Green Party’s new defence policy and Stop the War’s criticisms of NATO

Watch the full show live here:

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