Caroline Russell and Zack Polanski speaking in the London Assembly

Since the London Assembly was created in 2000, the Green Party has held between two and three seats. Currently, there are three Green Assembly Members – Sian Berry, Caroline Russell and Zack Polanski.

At a recent meeting of the Assembly, the impact of these three was clearly demonstrated through two powerful speeches.

The first was from Caroline Russell. She proposed a motion in the Assembly which called on the Mayor of London to mark Transgender Day of Visibility. The motion passed unanimously.

Second, Zack Polanski spoke on a motion about the government’s latest anti-migrant legislation. He proposed an amendment that made the condemnation of the new Illegal Migration Bill stronger, and called for the introduction of safe and legal routes for asylum seekers.

Polanski used his speech to criticise the failure of the Labour Party frontbench to meaningfully oppose the government’s anti-migrant agenda.

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