Patrick Harvie speaking at Scottish Green Party conference

The Scottish Greens have a called for an end to what they call ‘punitive and cruel barriers’ to migrants coming to the UK, branding minimum income requirements a ‘love tax’.

The Scottish Greens co-leader, Patrick Harvie, has called for an immediate removal of all income requirements on spousal visas, allowing families to live together.

Harvie said: “The Home Office’s minimum income requirements are punitive and cruel. They are a tax on love that are splitting up families and spreading fear, anxiety and heartbreak to people all over the UK. Everyone has a right to a family life and to be with the people they love.

“What message does it send when we are shutting the door on people based on their income? There is no low that this Tory government won’t sink to in its shameful efforts to penalise, punish and hurt our migrant communities. The Tories are playing cynical games with people’s lives and wellbeing and splitting up families as part of a reactionary and inward-looking Tory vision that treats people’s lives and wellbeing as political pawns.”