A photo of Global Greens Congress 2017

Global Greens unites and connects Green parties and political movements from over 100 countries around the world under the principles of ecological wisdom, social justice, participatory democracy, nonviolence, sustainability and respect for diversity. Guided by the Global Greens Charter, representatives from the four federations oversee the work led by working groups, networks and national members to exchange ideas, galvanise action and amplify the Green voice cross-nationally and at the international level.

What is Congress?

As an international organisation bringing together different actors with a shared political vision, the national member parties of the Global Greens come together once every five years to take stock of the current state of the world and steer the path of the Global Greens during its Congress. Global Greens Congress is a unique event which brings together Greens from around the world, from members to institutes, politicians to activists, partners to civil society.

Why now?

Since the last Congress held in 2017 in Liverpool, UK, the world has undergone huge change and forced people into large instances of political and social instability. We have all lived through a global pandemic, while human rights, peace and security are being threatened by undemocratic systems. Meanwhile, as we Greens have been saying for decades, the climate crisis continues to worsen in the hands of inactive politicians while vulnerable communities feel the worst impacts – a global injustice that the Global Greens specifically works on. As 2030 etches ever closer to us, we are still not in reach of the targets promised to us that would reduce the impact of the climate crisis.

Congress needs you

By coming together at Congress, we can take advantage of this rare opportunity to unite and act as a global movement. By uniting Green members, politicians, activists, youth and much more from communities all around the world, the discussions taking place will create a space for new ideas that are rooted in encompassing perspectives and centre voices that need to be heard the most, so that together we can address the biggest threats of today.

2030 is but 80 months away. Global Greens are going all out to inspire and galvanise swift, positive, transformative action at all levels of society and the economy. You are working hard in your community and country, and in uniting and amplifying action like yours, we create global communities of change.

Join the Global Greens Congress taking place in South Korea from 08 – 11 June 2023.

More information here: https://globalgreens.org/korea-2023/

Tickets available here: https://whova.com/portal/registration/globa3_202306/

Fundraiser here: https://global-greens-congress-2023.raisely.com/

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Image credit: European Green Party – Creative Commons