A major political forecasting website is currently predicting that the Green Party is on track to win two MPs. Electoral Calculus, which issues regular predictions based on the latest opinion polls, is currently projecting that the party’s co-leader Carla Denyer will be elected as an MP for the new Bristol Central constituency.

Presently, Electoral Calculus is predicting that the Green Party would take 46.3% of the vote in the seat which is among the top targets for the party. The same projection has Labour’s Thangam Debbonaire trailing behind on 39.4%. Electoral Calculus therefore gives the Greens a 69% chance of winning in the constituency.

Speaking to Bright Green about the prediction, Denyer said: “We will take nothing for granted, but this prediction that Bristol will have its first Green Party MP after the next general election mirrors what we are sensing on the ground.

“We know from talking to people on the doorstep that many in Bristol Central are uninspired by Labour and are turning to the Greens because they know we stand for real action on the climate crisis and have the policies to create a fairer, more equal society. They also know Green MPs will hold a future government to account.

“With 12 out of 14 councillors in the Bristol Central constituency being Green councillors we know also that there is a strong bedrock of Green support here. There’s real momentum building. A huge number of volunteers and supporters will continue working hard to get us over the line – there’s a growing belief that Greens can win here.”

Could the Green Party make history at the next election by getting a second MP election?

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