A photo of Bristol Green Party campaigners celebrating a by-election victory

The Green Party has maintained its position as the largest party on Bristol City Council following a by-election victory. James Crawford was elected as a councillor for Bishopston and Ashley Down.

The by-election took place after Green councillor Lily Fitzgibbon stood down earlier this year.

The Greens retained their seat with a majority of over 300 votes, to remain the largest group on Bristol City council with 25 councillors in the group. Crawford received over 50% of the vote.

Following their victory, Crawford said: “I am honoured that residents have voted for me as the new councillor for Bishopston and Ashley Down. Being a councillor is a big responsibility, and I will be working hard between now and the citywide elections next year to show that their trust in me is deserved.”

“Today, residents have shown that together we are stronger than Labour’s disappointing attempts to divide and play politics. Ultimately, they have backed the continued hard work and achievements of Green Councillors in Bishopston and Ashley Down and across the city.

“This election shows yet again that Bristolians are looking for change in the way that their city is run, voting for a party which does politics differently, and I’m ever more confident that they’ll elect a Green MP at the next General Election. I am truly excited to take part in building a fairer, kinder, greener Bristol which puts people at the heart of every decision.”

Full elections to Bristol City Council will take place in May 2024. There is a realistic prospect the Greens could end up running the council after that election, as voters have increasingly turned to the party in recent years and the governance of the council changing following residents having now voted to abolish the position of Bristol Mayor.

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