A photo of Green Party campaigners at the party's 2023 local elections launch in Mid Suffolk

The Green Party of England and Wales has announced the results of this year’s elections to the party’s executive (GPEx).

Two of the posts had just one candidate standing against re-open nominations – local party support coordinator and finance coordinator. Rosie Rawle was successfully elected in the former role with 92% of the vote, while Julian Cusack was successfully elected in the latter with 96% of the vote.

On the contested elections, former Mid Suffolk councillor Helen Geake picked up 66% of the first preference vote to be elected as internal communications coordinator, Anne Geyfer received 71% of the vote to be elected as policy development coordinator, and Edward Milford received 75% of the vote to be elected as publications coordinator.

In addition, the following people were elected to the party’s Policy Development Committee:

  • Daisy Goodall
  • Adrian Spurrell
  • Martin Blake
  • Vix Lowthion
  • Robbie Spence

Turnout in the elections were low, with just 7.02% of members casting a vote.

Bright Green understands that the results for the equality and diversity coordinator position will be announced at a later stage. The party’s electoral returning officer told Bright Green the result “will not be announced at this time due to an investigation into breaches of election rules.” They did not specify which rules are being looked at and whether the breaches related directly to any of the candidates.

GPEx is one of the Green Party’s two primary governing bodies – alongside the Green Party Regional Council. GPEx has a crucial role in party governance, holding overall responsibility for the party’s finances, acting as the employer of staff and overseeing day to day operations. Alongside this, GPEx makes key political decisions, such as the appointment of the party’s spokespeople.

More to follow…

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Image credit: YouTube screengrab