A CND banner reading "no new nukes"

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) has said it plans to intend to carry out a ‘citizens’ weapons inspection’ at an RAF base on Saturday 23 September.

CND’s chair, Tom Unterrainer, and vice-chair Sophie Bolt, have informed the US base commander of RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk – General Campo – that they intend to carry out the inspection. This follows reports that the base is being primed for the return of US nuclear weapons, without acknowledgement by either the UK government or US administration.

In their letter to General Campo, Unterrainer and Sophie Bolt said: “British citizens deserve to know the truth of the matter, not least because stationing US nuclear weapons at Lakenheath makes the base, the surrounding area – and indeed the whole country – a target for a nuclear attack. As British citizens, we call on the British government to refuse permission for these nuclear weapons. We have public opinion on our side: The majority of the British population – 59% – oppose US nuclear weapons being sited in Britain.”

Image credit: Nuclear Information Service – Creative Commons

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