Wales Green Party leader Anthony Slaughter

Green Party members are meeting in Brighton for their autumn conference this weekend. Among the keynote speakers at the event was Wales Green Party leader Anthony Slaughter.

The Wales Green Party supports Welsh independence and Slaughter used his speech to make the case for the Greens’ vision for an independent Wales. He told attendees: “As Greens, our vision of independence goes beyond flag waving and anthems.”

He then went on to say that the Wales Green Party believes “independence is a vital step towards devolving power to the lowest possible level and empowering communities across the country – an independence that shifts the Westminster power base to Cardiff Bay is not an independence that I would campaign for.”

Alongside this, Slaughter set out some of the policy areas that he believes Welsh independence could improve. He said: “Independence is meaningless if people can’t afford a safe, secure and warm home. Independence is meaningless without radical reform of institutionally racist public bodies. Independence is meaningless if society continues to tolerate transphobia, homophobia and all other bigotries.”

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This article was jointly published with Left Foot Forward