Mona Adam with Zack Polanski

The Green Party has secured its first seat on Kensington and Chelsea council following a defection from Labour. Councillor Mona Adam resigned her Labour membership saying that her “values and convictions are more in harmony with those of the Green Party”.

Councillor Adam said of Labour’s stance on Gaza and migration, “it has become impossible to align with the party’s position on these matters.” In her resignation letter, Councillor Adam went on to say:  “The Green Party prides itself in putting communities first. Green councillors apply shared values whilst having the freedom to reflect community hopes and needs.”

The Green Party’s deputy leader Zack Polanski welcomed the defection. Following the news, he said:  “I’m delighted to welcome Mona to the Green Party. As a valued councillor with a track record of standing up for residents, she’s consistently demonstrated the values of our party. We’re seeing a regular trend of people joining the Green Party including those who support a principled stance of urging for a ceasefire in Gaza – and who are inspired by our plans to tax the super-rich to pay for our public services and help tackle the climate crisis.”

Recent years have seen a growing number of councillors defect from the Labour Party to the Greens. Between April 2020 and August 2022, 16 Labour councillors abandoned their party and joined the Greens.

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