Zoe Garbett

Zoë Garbett – the Green Party’s candidate for Mayor of London – has announced a ‘Renters Charter’ which sets out a plan to tackle London’s ‘out of control’ private rental market. Garbett says she will be prioritising action to tackle the private rent sector, especially skyrocketing rents.

They key demands in her charter are:

  • A Rent Commission for London to set a target level for rents across the City – and work to bring rents down.
  • Pushing the Government to give London rent control powers and introduce an immediate two-year freeze on rents.
  • Working with local authorities to get more environmental health officers, supporting tenants, and enforcing high standards.

Speaking on the launch of the charter, Garbett said: “The private rented sector across London is out of control. For many, housing is completely unaffordable. This includes teachers, nurses, hospitality workers, and many of the people who keep the city going.

“The situation here really is that bad. We need to be bold with this. We have to be talking about rent control. At the moment, tenants find themselves in bidding wars over expensive homes that, in many cases, aren’t even fit to live in.

“I rent in London; I know first-hand how the system just isn’t working for millions across the city.

“The current Labour Mayor is waiting for powers to be handed down to him. We all know this won’t happen without demanding it. Setting up a rent commission would be one of the first things I would do to get started on the job of securing a fair deal for renters.”

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Image credit: Twitter screengrab