Adrian Ramsay speaking at Green Party Conference

It was recently revealed that the US Department of Defence intends to deploy American nuclear weapons to an airbase in Suffolk.

Reacting to the news, Arian Ramsay – co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales and parliamentary candidate for the Suffolk constituency of Waveney Valley constituency – said: “After 15 nuclear-free years, it will be a shock to many people that the US is preparing to return nuclear weapons to Suffolk. Worse still, these deadly weapons are coming to the UK without any democratic discussion.  

“This latest deployment potentially makes the UK a target. The Green Party has always opposed the arrangement that allows US bases in the UK to be under full US control.  

 “These weapons also pose a serious risk to local populations because of possible accidents or terrorist attacks. It is wholly unacceptable that, as far as we know, local authorities are being kept in the dark and so are incapable for protecting us against the enormous risks posed by these nuclear weapons.” 

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