Caroline Lucas on Sunday Morning

Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, has responded to the news that 2023 was the warmest year on record, with the average global temperature reaching 1.48C above the long-term average.

Lucas said: “The speed at which temperature records are tumbling is truly terrifying. It was only eight years ago that the Paris Agreement committed countries to try to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5C and we are moving to within touching distance of that critical threshold.  If this doesn’t convince the Government that we need to be accelerating climate action, then what will?

“Yet in the face of this, Rishi Sunak thinks it’s acceptable to push through yet more extraction of fossil fuels with the dangerous Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill.  The Prime Minister’s wilful refusal to do what needs to be done amounts to a climate crime – delay is the new denial.  Far from building a brighter future for our children, he is condemning them to a world whose vital climate support system is collapsing.”

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