Carla Denyer

The Green Party of England and Wales has defended its decision to impose candidates in constituencies where local parties had not intended to stand in the general election. Bright Green understands that in two constituencies – Stratford-upon-Avon and Godalming and Ash – the central Green Party imposed candidates upon the relevant local party.

That decision has led to criticism from campaigners who advocate cross-party co-operation on the left.

Campaign group Compass released as statement on Friday which said it was ‘dismayed’ at the news. The statement – published on Twitter/X – read: “We are dismayed to hear that the national Green Party has imposed candidates in at least two constituencies where local parties had voted to stand aside. The Green Party should be showing what a new politics looks like – not mimicking how the big parties behave.

“We appreciate the constraints FPTP places on the Greens – but fighting other progressives while risking letting the Tories in through the back door only ensures that we stick with this rotten status quo.”

Responding to the criticism, the Green Party told Bright Green that it wanted to give every voter in England and Wales the opportunity to vote Green. A Green Party spokesperson said: “Every voter across England and Walers deserves an opportunity to put a cross on a ballot paper for a fairer greener country.

“At the most recent Green Party conference, members voted that the party would contest every seat at this General Election. It was further agreed that where no local candidate was in place, the central party would initiate a selection to make sure every voter has the chance to vote Green, for real hope and real change.”