Important edit – Have had urgent emails from the Green Press office disputing my reporting of this story. More details as I get them, but for the time being, what we know for certain (and what the Green Party agree with) is only that these are the current national spokespeople, and that Matt Sellwood is definitely a new appointment. Those are the facts, dear reader, everything else remains under the veil. — Gary.

Important edit 2 – please see my new post Clarifications and questions on Green spokespeople.

No press release as yet, but I do have a list of the newly-appointed national spokespeople for the Green Party of England and Wales.

Leader – Dr Caroline Lucas MEP
Deputy Leader – Cllr Adrian Ramsay
Party Chair – Jayne Forbes
Social Affairs – Jean Lambert MEP
Human Rights – Peter Tatchell
Education – Rachel Fryer
Health – Stuart Jeffery
Home Affairs – Matt Follett
Europe – Ute Michel
Environment – Penny Kemp
Trade and Industry – Darren Johnson AM
Economics – Molly Scott Cato
Transport – Alan Francis
Planning and Regeneration – Cllr Keith Taylor
Housing – Matt Sellwood
Energy Conservation – Andy Cooper
Equalities and Diversity – Polly Lane
Drugs – Shane Collins
LGBTIQ Issues – Lesley Hedges and Phelim MacCafferty
Disability – Alan Wheatley
Animal Protection – Julia Stephenson
Sustainable Development – Prof John Whitelegg
Science and technology – James Abbott
Water Issues – Michael Coffey

We’ll have some thoughts on these appointments, the first since Caroline Lucas became leader, later on today. But my first thought is – where’s Tony Juniper?