Caroline Lucas opened the party conference with clear fighting talk about the need for a truely progressive party in British politics. With her emphasis on opposition to public spending cuts, trident and privatisation, Caroline clearly expressed what has been true for years: the Green Party now provides the main coherent opposition to the neo-liberalism of the UKs main parties.

In a speech which highlighted academies, unemployment, and the impact of Tory spending cuts, Caroline gave a call to arms: and quite right too. An economic system which has failed the vast majority of people in this country is being propped up by not just the Tories, but all main parties. And now our party stands alone, a thin Green line in the face of an onslaught from corporate interests pushing hard for the privatisation of the public services which provide the civilisation upon which our jobs and lives depend.

On internal issues, it was great to see Caroline call for support for the Young Greens. Because it is mobilising the jilted generation – generation credit crunch – that the future of our party depends. Alongside this call, she highlighted the need to reform our policy making structures. I will be keen to see this debate continue – how to continue to ensure that the people delivivering our leaflets have a say in what is in them, while the numbers of these people (hopefully) increase – and while the need for responsive as well as visionary policies increases (or does it?).

We have arrived in Parliament, now our journey begins, Caroline tells us. The timing couldn’t be more urgent, with a government declaring war on the majority of people in this country and no other effective opposition. Time for the fightback to begin…