Initial Advice

Inital advice before we leave Bristo Square: The police are our friends today, they’re facing cuts too. Don’t be an arse.

On Our Way

On our way to Haymarket to post the Lib Dems their tuition fee pledges back.

At Haymarket

We arrive at Lib Dem HQ. It looks like they’re closed up for the day, to be replaced by a line of police.

This Shit Wouldn't Happen At Hogwarts

Overheard from the back of the crowd. “That’s the worst placard I’ve ever seen. I’m for student cuts now.”

We're Being Watched

I wasn’t the only one taking pictures.


And we repost the pledges through their letterbox.

Education is a Right, when you say cuts we say Fight.

There was much chanting of “when they say cut back we say fight back”. Personally I liked “education for the masses, we’re going back to classes” as we left Haymarket and the reworking of the popular rhyme “if you really hate the Tories clap your hands” which ended with “if you really hate the Tories general strike”.

School pupils were there too

It wasn’t just the usual university suspects either. Here you can see some of the many school pupils who joined us. One group had an excellent, large banner reading “Trinity pupils against fees and cuts” (not shown). We also see the pithy slogan “Give me back my vote you shits”.

Easy now

And the rather tamer “easy now”. No sign of any “careful now” or “down with this sort of thing”, though.

Say No to the Cu*ts

And to end some anarchists shamelessly ripping off the No Shock Doctrine for Britain “We didn’t vote for these cu*ts” badges.

All in all a good day, and I’ll be back to cover the rally tomorrow at 12:00.