My nomination for #dick2010. If you want to nominate someone, email a 200 word pitch to by the 31th Dec. Voting opens after the last entry is published.

I spent a long time trying to come up with my nomination for Bright Green’s inaugural Dick of the Year award. There’s been a lot of good competition this year. The Lib Dems have certainly produced a fair few contenders, as, of course, have the Tories, and indeed, Labour. But in the end I decided to take a different tack.

For my nomination I’ve gone with an organisation that really shouldn’t be in the running but through sheer incompetence and stupidity thoroughly deserves its place. 10:10 was never my idea of a great campaign, as was pointed out so well at the time, it blames the public and prioritises individual, consumerist action over the real structural reforms we need if we are to have any hope of creating the more equitable and sustainable economy Greens imagine. Nevertheless, they had good intentions and through much work over many months had the possibility of making real, if slight, progress. Then came their moment of madness.

A video where figures of authority literally blow up anyone who doesn’t buy into their vision of environmentalism. Could anything be more symbolically destructive; it plays to all the worst stereotypes of the green movement.

And to top it off, when we all complained they had the temerity to claim we just didn’t have a sense of humour.

10:10 is dead, let’s hope 2011 sees a far more radical climate campaign no longer wedded to individualism and authoritarianism.