This nomination for the Bright Green Dick of the Year award is from Jim Jepps. Normally, we only accept nominations for people who’s dickishness has fallen within Britain. However, the scale, and proximity, of this nominees dickishness is such that we have decided to accept (also we didn’t make the rules clear).

If we’re going to have a dick of the year French President Sarkozy has to be in the running.

First the ban on wearing a veil in public places which has heighten tensions, criminalised those women it was supposed to protect and has done absolutely nothing to promote equality.

Second the deporting of Roma. Mass expulsions of people on the basis of their ethnicity deepens the worrying trend towards citizenship for some and not for others.

Third the threats to remove French nationality from naturalised immigrants convicted of crimes are also an  example of the fact there are citizens and “citizens”.

Fourth the scandalous way that asylum seekers have been treated in France has, from beginning to end been a human tragedy of poverty and violence. He has allowed racism to flourish in his party and the nation, and in the meantime has crushed some of the most vulnerable people in society underfoot.

While some in Sarkozy’s UMP are openly debating deals with the far right FN, others can see just what a dick he is and hope to remove him. We should give them a little boost in that effort.