Exciting times here at Bright Green. First, as you may have noticed, we’ve got a sexy new re-design courtesy of our very own Gary Dunion. The categories along the top should help you navigate around a bit better, and we’ve got a new logo and everything. I’ve seen companies spend months and pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to do such things. Gary did it overnight. Which says something about the efficiency of the market.

We’ve also changed out twitter handle – it’s now @brightgrn. Next week (when it won’t involve taking the site down for a day during party conference) we’ll launch with a new URL too. While we will very much retain a strong Scottish element, we have never really been a Scottish only blog – two of us have lived in England for a while now, and most of what we write about isn’t specifically Scottish. So we’ll be losing the “scotland” from the name… But the new URL is for next week.

The other reason that we’re excited is that we have our first ever Bright Green Live event at Green Party Spring Conference tomorrow – the Green Party and the anti-cuts movement. Lisa Ansell of The Guardian is coming all the way from West Yorkshire to talk about the breadth of this struggle. Murray Worthy of UK Uncut and the World Development Movement will give us some global perspective. Adrian Ramsay is very busy and important as deputy leader at his own conference, but is taking the time to join the discussion. It’s at 6pm tomorrow (Saturday) night. There will be refreshments, analysis, and fun. We’ll hope to see you there.

More broadly, Ali and I will be writing up as much as we can of conference. If you are at the conference and want to do us a 200 odd word “conference fragment” about something, just grab or tweet one of us, and we’d be delighted.