Green Party Deputy Leader Adrian Ramsay today delivered the speech of the party’s Spring Conference, making a passionate case against government spending cuts and privitisation. Constantly interrupted for applause, Adrian outlied how the government cuts will hit young people, old people, and everyone across the country.

“In the past few months, I’ve given many talks at universities. Almost every young person is being affected by these cuts”. In a passionate case for the Welfare State, he said “and we must invest in our public services, because they are the bedrock of a civilised society”.

He went on to outline how Green politicians across the country are fighting cuts – from Members of the Scottish Parliament fighting massive budget cuts, to Cllr Larry Sanders’ proposals to raise revenue to save every library, youth centre, and many care services in Oxfordshire. Looking to his own county, he explained how an energy service company secured by Greens on Norfolk county council will generate revenue to reduce the impact of cuts.

Concluding with a rallying cry for support for anti-cuts Green councillors – and for Jake Griffith’s campaign to become Wales’ first Green Assembly Member – Adrian called for support from across the country to ‘rise to the challenge and show that Greens, not Labour has-beens or Lib Dem wannabes’ are not the real voice of social justice”.

“We must reach out to new supporters – all those people who voted Lib Dem and feel betrayed. We must show them that we are the real party of progress, justice, and fairness”

“More and more people are joining us in our fight to build a better, fairer future”.