Britain’s liberal intellectual elite have turned out en mass to launch a private humanities college that will cost £18,000 per year to attend. The “New College of the Humanities” offers “a student to staff ratio of 10:1” – for those who can afford to go.

High profile academics who have signed up to launch the college – whose ‘Master’ will be philosopher AC Grayling – range from the obnoxious – Richard Dawkins, Steven Pinker and Niall Fergusson – to people who should know better – Ronald Dworkin and, even, Peter Singer.

For 4/5 students, attendance will cost the astronomical sum of £18,000 per year. The college website says they may be able to offer some people loans, implying that they expect most students to pay upfront. Acording to the FT, one-fifth of the places will be ‘assisted’ – some costing £7,200, others will be offered for free.

You can find out more at their website – though it doesn’t seem to say how some of the supposed leading minds in the country think that a college which requires 4/5 students to pay £18,000 a year, and many of the remainder to pay £7,200 a year will become anything but an institution designed to perpetuate the dominance of the children of an international elite.

UPDATE: please email Peter Singer on and encourage him to turn down his position at this institution. Peter Singer is a leading progressive philosopher who stood as a Green candidate in the Australian Senate elections of 1996 and is openly a lefty. He, if anyone, should know better.
UPDATE: You can join a new Facebook group to oppose the New College, and ring the college on 0800 955 0212.