It appears that some or all of the young people (under 18) charged after the UK Uncut action at Fortnum & Mason have had their charges dropped. Anna Fleur who is 15 and one of the F&M 145, reports (cross posted from her blog with permission):

If you’re reading this I got off.

Ok, title is very misleading, this hasn’t been written in advance but I don’t care because I GOT OFF.

As you probably know I was one of the “Fortnum145″ – a member of UKuncut who was arrested following the occupation of Fortnum and Mason in London on March 26th. For the past 3 months I’ve been through an insane amount of manic anxiety, anger and confusion as to why the hell it was in the public interest to take us to court.

No reason has been given to me for us being let off – maybe they didn’t have evidence, maybe they decided it was too expensive and not worth it, maybe common sense (in my opinion) prevailed. But that’s all just speculation.

I’m incredibly happy right now, and feel a renewed enthusiasm for the anti-cuts cause – I can finally focus my energy into that again.

Oh, and I have no regrets about joining UKuncut. Despite everything that’s occured I’ve met so many amazing people since December.

Ok, this post has been really badly written and up and down, I know, but I’m too happy to care right now.

ALSO, solidarity to the remaining 138 awaiting trial I know how stressful it can be but I can say its worth it at the end, I have every confidence in the solicitors and that it will work out.”

… which is good news indeed. And much solidarity to Anna and to all of those who have had their charges dropped.

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