Every year, the magazine Total Politics asks you to vote for your favourite blogs. People react in different ways – some blogs ignore the whole thing. They pretend that they are too cool, and that they don’t care. But we all know that they still secretly peak a look at the results. Some run whole campaigns to get anyone and everyone to vote for them.

Here at Bright Green, this is our second year of life. Last year, we got second in the ‘Green’ category, and twenty third in the ‘left wing’ category. We aren’t too cool to admit that we checked. And we aren’t too cool to ask you to vote for us.

This year, it’s a bit different from before. You can vote for individual bloggers as well as for the blog itself, and you submit your vote not by emailing them, but by voting on their website. Please do vote for us. And if there are any particular writers who blog here – whether one of our co-editors, regular contributors or someone who just does the odd thing, do please nominate them too.

Also, while we’re in a reflective mood, if you have any suggestions for the blog, please do pop them in the comments below.

The link again – vote here. Thanks all.