2011 has been a year of boldness and of heroism. From photos of Egytpian Christians forming a human chain to guard Muslims while they prayed in the face of water cannon to the German tourist who turned his boat towards a wall of gunfire to rescue those being massacred at Utoeya; from young Spaniards finally standing up in sun bleached plazas to occupiers shivering in tents this winter because they refuse to accept the world as it is, from the South Sudanese people finally raising their flag, to the villagers of Wukan kicking out Chinese government officials, there have been many to salute.
And amidst all of this glory and all of this feel good celebration, it’s easy to forget those other figures of 2011: The dicks.

In last year’s contest, #dick2010, Bright Green received nearly 50 nominations for those who had exhibited particularly prominent aresholery over the previous 12 months. And once we’d had our nominations in, we received hundreds of votes. But the results weren’t even close. Despite Lib Dem MP John Hemming fighting for his place by commenting no fewer than ten times on his nomination, ultimately, his boss outshone him. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that Nick Clegg stormed ahead in a year characterised by the rage of the jilted generation. He gained support from nearly 50% of voters in the one poll he does still do well in.

This year, perhaps the winner isn’t quite so obvious. Who will it be? Over to you. Email 200 word nominations to editors@brightgreenscotland.org, and some time around Hogmanay, we’ll have a vote.