A group of electricians have occupied the BBC Scotland building to protest against the corporation’s failure to cover their long running fight against large building contractors who are attempting to cut their pay nationwide by 35%.


the Sparks' occupying - via their Facebook group

As reported on the site jibelectrician.blogspot.com:

THIS morning, Saturday 17th,  Scotland M&E workers are currently occupying the Glasgow BBC office. Police are on the scene but have informed them that as they have broken no laws, all they can do is advise that they leave.
They are at the BBC office to highlight the national media blackout on our struggle. For the last 16 weeks there have been protests across the whole of the UK and not one single mention by the BBC.

Sparks across the UK have had a long running and increasingly militant dispute over attempts by large building contractors, including Balfour Beattie, to significantly cut their pay under the Building Engineering Services National Agreement (BESNA).