This is a nomination from Dan Lee for Ed Miliband in the Bright Green Dick of the year 2011 award. To nominate someone, just email 200ish words to editors ‘at’

After Nick Clegg’s victory last year, I suppose it isn’t very original to plump for another British party leader as a nominee this year, but Ed Miliband has riled me so much to deserve a nomination anyway.

Why should the leader of the Labour Party, Her Majesty’s Official Opposition, follow Clegg as Dick of the Year?

Because that’s just it, with Ed Miliband at the helm, the Labour Party are in no way an Opposition, against the Government’s disastrous policies. Because of Miliband (and the Labour Party as a whole), we are without a credible opposition. Remember this is the man that helped construct the Labour Party manifesto for the last election. This manifesto, if implemented, would not have been very different to the policies of the current government.

Miliband, at best, provides mild criticisms of the Government’s policies. At worst, he’s in full agreement. He’s feeble, without any substance, and complicit in the destruction of some of the most important parts of British society.

The pinnacle, for me, inspiring this nomination, has been the Labour Party response to the trebling of tuition fees. 9 months after the Browne Review, the Labour Party says, “we’ll save you, students! Vote for us, and you’ll just have double the fees of yesteryear!”*

* “…but please forget that we introduced tuition fees after promising we wouldn’t, and then trebled them after, again, saying we wouldn’t. Thanks!”