There is, of course, a left wing case for opposing Scottish independence. It is articulated best by the likes of Owen Jones – ‘we shouldn’t divide the working class’. Likewise, there is, of course, a right wing case for independence – the Scottish Enterprise Party got a handful of votes for espousing it, once upon a time.

But this isn’t where the campaign is at today. With the Tories (and Labour) at Westminster battering Britain, it’s no wonder that those articulating the campaign for independence have been most effective when they have argued against Tory rule.


What is, perhaps, more surprising, is how right wing the no campaign has become. They have issued briefings discribing Trident nuclear weapons as “The ultimate guaruntee of our national security” despite the overwhelming majority of Scots disagreeing with them. They insist on talking about how patriotic they are. And now, here’s what their campaign director has to say about yesterday’s welfare reform (in a ‘personal capacity’, of course):

This is good for the yes campaign: 52% of Scottish voters  (£) say they’ll vote yes if they believe that the Tories wil win in 2015. As Black April hits, the name “Better Together” might begin to turn sour. And as the No campaign continues to defend the policies of the union as it defends the union itself, perhaps these traditional Labour voters, will change their minds about which side who is on these days.