How does the leader of the largest republican party in Britain respond to the birth of a royal baby? By congratulating all two thousand of the day’s new parents and hoping he grows up to be an excellent head of state – if he wins an election.


I congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their son, and also the estimated 1,982 other parents in the UK who today also celebrated the birth of a child.

I hope all of the children have a healthy, fulfilling, financially secure life.

I hope that by the time this child comes of age, with the right to vote at age 16, that the hereditary principle will have disappeared from all aspects of the constitution. The new baby might then have the same civil rights and fiscal obligations as all other citizens.

I would wish the baby the same chance to become a democratically elected head of state as any other individual.

Correction: This post originally described the Green Party as “the only republican party in Britain”. This has been changed.