This week, the Northern Irish Assembly has collapsed in the midst of a corruption scandal, triggering an election. In the context of Brexit and deepening austerity, and with the sectarian wound as wide open as ever, this vote could barely be more important.

What Northern Ireland needs is a strong, left wing, cross-community party which builds peace by standing up to austerity, fighting for civil rights, against forced pregnancy, homophobia and racism, and for a just, sustainable and democratic Northern Ireland, whose constitutional future remains in the hands of those who live there.

That party is the Northern Irish Greens: whose two Assembly Members grew up in working class Loyalist and Republican communities respectively; whose councillors have faced death threats from Loyalist paramilitaries; and who have been battling in the Supreme Court in recent weeks to ensure Northern Ireland’s vote to Remain in the EU is respected.

Those Assembly Members, Clare Bailey and Steven Agnew, are two of the most impressive Green politicians I’ve come across, and it’s absolutely vital that they keep their seats and bring new colleagues with them. But this election will see the Assembly reduced in size, and every member has a fight on their hands.

The Northern Irish Greens deliver a huge amount for a small party: with a couple hundred members, and no permanent staff. And because of that, they’re excellent at making a very little money go a long way. So every extra fiver really does make a difference. I’ve just donated a little to help bolster their election campaign. I’d encourage you to do the same. You can do so here.
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