Trump demo JM

Image: Women’s rights protesters at Monday’s anti-Trump protest. Credit: Josiah Mortimer.

Donald Trump’s decision to ban the citizens of seven Muslim countries coming to the US has sparked outrage across the world.

Here in Britain though, the anger has been directed at the Prime Minister, Theresa May, and her decision to roll out the red carpet for Trump in a full state visit.

That’s despite more than 1.5 million people signing a petition against Trump in just a few days, urging the PM to rethink the move.

Thousands marched outside Downing Street on Monday calling on her to do just that.

They were marching for a multitude of reasons and from a million backgrounds – from feminists to gay rights activists, from Muslims to those who believed his actions were ‘un-Christian’. There were banners, flags and chants from across the spectrum – but the most clear was the simple call: ‘No State Visit’.

One protestor summed it up: “The Muslim ban is the beginning of what Trump wants to do. If we don’t start now it will be too late later on.” The feeling is palpable – though we are thousands of miles away in Britain, the voices of people hear must be hear across the Atlantic.

I spoke to some of those there – including people potentially affected by the move – on why they want a ‘Trump Ban’ on Britain. Here’s what they had to say:

From the petitions that are active, it seems the anti-Trump cause is winning:

Graphic: Bright Green. Sources: here and here.