Caroline Lucas

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas will vote in support of Theresa May’s motion for an early General Election tomorrow.

A spokesperson for the Green MP for Brighton Pavilion told Bright Green that the party’s only member of Parliament will back the motion to call a General Election for June 8th, under the rules of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.

The party had previously called for an early election, which will be fought on the basis of the EU negotiations.

In a subsequent statement, Green co-leader Caroline Lucas said: 

“Britain is at a crossroads – and today’s announcement means that people are rightly given a say over the direction this country is going to take.

“At this election we will stand for an economy that works for everyone, not just the privileged few; a Britain that’s open to the world and the protection of our precious environment. We will stand up to the politics of hatred and division that is scarring our communities and give people across the country a chance to vote for a better Britain.”

The Green Party are calling for a second referendum on the Brexit deal, as well as for the UK to remain in the Single Market and to retain key environmental and social protections.

On Twitter the party officially welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement:

However, the Scottish Greens – independent of GPEW – have branded the move ‘weak and opportunist’ – a clear split between the England & Wales party and the party north of the border.

Many activists will no doubt still be recovering from last year’s referendum, while many members are currently geared up for next month’s local elections.

The election was called by the PM outside Number 10 at 11:15am this morning, with the Labour Party and Lib Dems subsequently backing the move.

All parties are now on an election footing, with May’s Brexit plans dominating the debate for the next six weeks.

It’s unclear what this means for plans for a ‘progressive alliance’ in key marginals. The rushed nature of the vote suggests many local parties will be unable to arrange local deals in time – despite a motion in favour of progressive alliances passing at Spring Conference just a fortnight ago.

Bright Green will be covering the election campaign as it progresses. Watch this space.