Scott Cato has been an MEP since 2014
Scott Cato has been an MEP since 2014

Electing South West MEP Molly Scott-Cato to become the Green Party’s second MP will be the party’s ‘number one’ priority for this election, a senior party source has told Bright Green.

Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley will be making their first campaign trip of the election to Bristol tomorrow to help her – a signal of how focused the leadership are on winning a second MP.

The source said: “We’re fairly confident we’ll be able to get a second MP. The Lib Dems took a battering last time in Bristol West – it will either be Labour or Green MP there.

On progressive alliances, talks are taking place with Labour ‘at different levels’, the staffer revealed.

However, the source said: “The ball is now in other parties’ court when it comes to progressive alliances. The onus is on other parties. But PR needs to be in Labour’s manifesto to make it happen.”

They added: “The momentum within Labour for PR is huge.

“There are talks happening at different levels. It’s about trying to radically reform British democracy.”

Asked about how confident the team were of retaining Caroline Lucas’ seat: “We’re taking nothing for granted. But we’re absolutely focused on electing Molly.

“We’ve got a number of target candidates [including Natalie Bennett’s Sheffield seat, the Isle of Wight etc.] – but Caroline and Jon are going to Bristol tomorrow.”

Many Greens are booking train tickets down to Bristol already to help with the campaign. See you there.