Benjamin Smith, 19, has been co-opted by the Wales Green Party Council to fill the second Deputy Spokesperson role in the leadership team. The position was previously left empty when the previous Deputy Leader, Grenville Ham, stepped up to take over as Leader of the party after Alice Hooker-Stroud stood down in March.

Deputy Welsh Leader Benjamin Smith, wearing a dark coat, blue scarf and green rosette.
Benjamin Smith. (Photo: Andrew Creak)

Smith was born in York in 1997 to a liberal Vicar and nurse. His family later moved to Plymouth where he was raised and became active within the Green Party.

He moved to Wales to study Stage Management and technical theatre at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and has just finished his second year of study.

Benjamin is now the youngest Deputy leader of any UK political party and the only one to be a current full time student.

He will be deputy spokesperson until the Wales Green Party Leadership election in 2018 where he will have to re-stand, as will the other members of the leadership team.