Following on from a vote at conference, the Green Party of England and Wales has elected new members to eight of its national committees. Notable amongst the elected is life member Tina Rothery, better known as the “anti-fracking Nana”, who occupied land near Blackpool to protest fracking.

Tina Rothery at a protest | Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons. Credit: Steve Morgan / Greenpeace

Bright Green wish all those who were elected success in their new roles. The full results are below.

Conferences Committee

Jenny Vernon
Peaceful Warrior
Tom Milburn

Disputes Resolution Committee

Bernard Ekbery
Chit Chong
Ed Carey

International Committee

Louis Williams
Michal Chantkowski
Sam Murray
Wendy Armour
John Street

Standing Orders Committee

Jennifer (Jen) Law
Martin Hemingway
Gillian Mills
Lucas North
Andy Hunter-Rossall

Campaigns Committee

Britta Goodman
Brig Oubridge
Guy Poultney
Sarah Clark
Tina Rothery

Equality and Diversity Committee

Emma Robson
Toby Horkan

Green World Editorial Board

Diana Korchien
Francesca Gater
Chris Ogden

Policy Development Committee

Simeon Jackson
Robert Macgowan
Tamara Galloway
Mick Gregg
Peter Cleasby