Scott Ainslie
Image Credit: Scott Ainslie

As the government continues its negotiations over Brexit – both with the European Union and the UK parliament – the possibility of the UK participating in the forthcoming European Parliament elections is becoming more and more likely. In light of this, regional Green Parties have begun the process of selecting candidates to fight those elections.

Bright Green is inviting all those standing to be Green candidates for these potential elections to write a short article, outlining why party members should select them. One of these candidates is Scott Ainslie, and this is what he had to say:

The Tory divisions over Europe have been played out in government. Several years of effort and resources focused on Brexit and it is failing. They should be honest and say: “Sorry, we know just over half of you said you wanted to leave the EU, but we just cannot make it happen and we got it all wrong. We’ll get all our rich donors (who should have been paying their fair share of UK tax) to refund all costs.” And then I hope our country finally confines this party, UKIP and the likes to the history books. Meanwhile the Labour Party have sat on the fence for too long and dithered and delayed.

Let’s call time on these divided parties and the electoral system that sustains them. They are all no longer fit for purpose.

Why we need Greens

I am proud of our Green Party membership who ensured that in the 2015 general election, we were the only party to stand on an anti-austerity platform, exposing the lack of political will of the Labour Party to oppose Tory spending cuts. For the referendum in 2016, Greens were pro-migration and supported the continuation of freedom of movement, when all other parties pandered to UKIP and the far right.

With only 11 years left to avoid climate chaos we need to get a move on and afford the Climate Emergency at least the same amount of effort, focus and resources given to Brexit.

We need robust and steadfast politicians to deliver, not dither on climate action. The Greens I have met across the country are open, honest and generous people who care deeply about the planet and the most vulnerable in society and they are getting on with making the world a more sustainable and fairer place.

Local action

I thrive off working with others and have fought and won many successful campaigns. Together with Lambeth Greens, I won the first ever election I ever stood in, wiping out the Lib Dems. I then went on not only to secure a second term, but we replaced the Tories as the main opposition on the council and became the biggest Green Group of councillors in London. The people of Lambeth are waking up to a credible alternative.

This is due to the commitment and talents of many Green Party members everywhere and also the stand I took as the lone green councillor from 2014-2018 in helping community groups who have fought to save their homes, libraries, green spaces and local services. I’ve also supported those who seek redress for neglect, injustice and child abuse. And together with the Peoples’ Audit, I’ve helped follow the money and shine a spotlight on wasted corporate millions that could be supporting front-line services.

Please have a look at my website, watch my 2 short videos, read about my priorities for London and find out more about why I am the right person to represent Londoners as the Green MEP and take on and build on the great work that Jean Lambert has done.

Vote for a robust, strong and successful campaigner who thrives off working with others and who has a proven track record of getting things done and getting good results. I am a likeable yet strong negotiator who doesn’t take any BS!

If you have any questions, please email me at:

Scott Ainslie is a Green Party activist from London. In 2014, he was elected to Lambeth Borough Council, being joined in 2019 by a team of four other Greens, including party co-leader Jonathan Bartley. He is 9th on the Greens’ list for the 2020 London Assembly elections.

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