Welsh Assembly building

Another day, another impressive opinion poll result for the UK’s Green Parties. This time, it’s for the next Welsh Assembly elections scheduled for 2021.

YouGov’s latest voting intention poll has put the party at 8% on the regional list, the proportional element of the voting system. This is more than twice its best ever result in a Welsh Assembly election. The current highest Green vote share in an Assembly election is 3.5%, achieved in both 2003 and 2007.

And according to a projection from the polling aggregator Leftie Stats, this would see the Green win seats in the Welsh Assembly for the first time in history – picking up four seats in the devolved body.

Wider trend

This is part of a wider trend of increased popularity for the Greens in recent opinion polls. Over the past week, the Greens have been ahead of the Tories in numerous polls conducted by YouGov. A poll for the London Mayoral election put Green candidate Sian Berry on 16%. And this growing support comes off the back of the best ever results for the Greens in local elections in both England and the north of Ireland.

All of this bodes well for the future of Greens across the UK, especially heading into important European elections later this week.