Siân Berry
Image credit: Rosie Rawle

Good news for the Greens keeps on coming. The party achieved its best ever local election results earlier this month. This was followed by a huge increase in membership, and an opinion poll that put the Greens ahead of the Tories.

Now, a new poll for the London Mayoral election has put Green Party of England and Wales co-leader and London Mayoral candidate Siân Berry on a massive 16%.

This is the highest poll rating the Greens have ever received for a London Mayoral election, a full nine points higher than their previous record of 7%. It also sees the Greens polling at triple the vote share they received in 2016 – their best ever result.

The poll also puts Berry a mere seven points behind the Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey. That means with a small swing in the Greens’ favour, Berry could enter the second round run-off with the Labour Party. That would be the first time a candidate from a party other than the Conservatives or Labour is in the run-off since Ken Livingstone’s successful election as an independent in 2000.

“A significant milestone”

Speaking to Bright Green on the new poll, Berry said:

This is a significant milestone. We have cemented our position as London’s 3rd party, and with just 7% between us and the Tories, we are in touching distance of second place. This comes after a record set of local election results and sees the continuation of the green wave which is transforming communities across the UK. This gives us a huge boost going into the EU elections – where London has long had Green representation in the European parliament.